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Yes, There Are Jobs In Endangered Species Care For College Grads. This U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Employee Is Handling Critically Endangered Red Wolf Pups. Photo: USFWS.

These Ten Colleges Around The World Work Hard At Protecting Endangered Animals

Students who love wildlife and endangered animals often ask, is it possible to make a living working for the conservation of endangered species?

It is. And while there are numerous paths that can lead to a career in endangered wildlife conservation, one of the surest routes is to attend a college or university where you can major in some form of wildlife biology or conservation. The best schools to go to are the ones that are dedicated to the endangered species cause, and that offer their students plenty of hands-on experience.

The editors of a website called The Best Colleges recently published a list of ten colleges around the globe that they consider to be among the most dedicated to endangered species conservation.

U.S. colleges and universities making The Best Colleges list include Georgia Tech, which among other projects, has helped stabilize Africa’s mountain gorilla population; California State University Stanislaus, which has run numerous projects to protect native and endangered California wildlife; The American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which has helped in the effort to prevent the use of endangered tiger parts in traditional Chinese folk remedies; Boston University, whose Kunz Bat Lab has been feverishly seeking a cure for white nose disease—a fatal illness that has been wiping out bat populations in the eastern United States; Lasell College in Massachusetts, which is making an effort to preserve threatened turtle species, and the University of North Carolina, Charlotte, which pioneered methods for preserving the egg cells of endangered and vulnerable big cats.

Non-U.S. schools on the list include the Imperial College of London (gray wolf conservation); South Staffordshire (England) College (Madagascar lemurs); St. Alberts College in India (Indian biodiversity and threatened freshwater fish), and the University of Andalusia, in Spain, which runs a virtual college on endangered species protection.

But there are many other colleges and universities that run very strong wildlife and endangered species programs. If you’re shopping for a school, make sure you have a look at Cornell University in New York State—especially if you want to be a wildlife biologist, and/or you are interested in ornithology.

In addition, the editor of this website would like to put in a plug for Unity College in Unity, Maine, where he teaches several writing courses. Unity is “America’s Environmental College,” and most Unity students live and breath environmental science and wildlife conservation during their four years of study in the Maine woods.

If you like, have a look at the full college profiles published on the Ten Best Colleges list.

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