by Editor on December 8, 2012

The Northern Sportive Lemur Is The 2013 Representative For The Earth’s Most Imperiled Group Of Primates. Photo Credit: Coke Smith, CokeSmithPhotoTravel.com

Our Ten Most Endangered Animals For 2013

All About Wildlife has made a couple of changes to its Top 10 List of Endangered Species for 2013. As a result, we now have an updated ten most endangered animals list.

As with any Top 10 list, in order to add something to it, something has to be taken away. In this case we removed the greater bamboo lemur and the kakapo parrot to make room for our two new Top Ten Endangered Animals: the northern sportive lemur, and the little dodo bird—AKA, Samoa’s tooth-billed pigeon.

But this does not mean that the animals we have removed have been “demoted” in any way, or are any less endangered. What it does mean is that they’ve already gotten a fair amount of attention from our readers, and we now want to shift the spotlight to a few other species that, while equally as endangered, are not as well known.

In fact, right at the bottom of our Ten Most Endangered Species list, you will find links that will take you to pages where you can still read about the greater bamboo lemur, the kakapo parrot, and several other species that occupied spots on our Top 10 Most Endangered list in previous years. We’re not forgetting about any of these highly imperiled animals—and neither should anyone else.

We hope you get something useful out of our 2013 list of the Top 10 Most Endangered Species.

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