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All Tiger Subspecies Are Endangered Or Critically Endangered. Which One Should We List As One Of The World’s Top 10 Endangered Species? Photo: B cool

Students & Teachers: Help Us Choose Our Top 10 Endangered Species List For 2013!

Here at All About Wildlife, we are currently working on our Ten Most Endangered Animals list for 2013. This is something we do every year: We move a few endangered animals off of our Top Ten Endangered Species list, and put a few new species or subspecies on it. This isn’t because the animals we remove are any less endangered than they ever were; it’s because so many of the world’s species are in danger of going extinct that we want to shine a bright spotlight on as many of them as we can. One way we do this is to make a few changes to our Top 10 Endangered Animals list on a yearly basis.

But this year, for the first time, instead of doing all the work ourselves, we want your help!

If you are a teacher, a student in a class that’s studying wildlife and endangered species, a member of a conservation group, or just a wildlife enthusiast, and you want to suggest an animal for inclusion on our 2013 Most Endangered Animals list, tell us about it by posting a comment on the All About Wildlife Facebook page.

You’re suggestion should be no longer than a paragraph or two—tell us who you are, who you represent, the name of the species or subspecies you are nominating, and, briefly, why you think that animal should be added to the list. You should also include links to any further information you think might be helpful to us, including reports or other presentations that you, your class, or your organization have put together.

You many nominate any animal species—or subspecies—you wish. For instance, last year, we moved the mountain gorilla off of the Most Endangered Species list to make way for the lowland gorilla, a gorilla subspecies which, though more numerous than the mountain gorilla, in many ways faces more daunting problems. So if you think, for example, that the Siberian tiger had enjoyed it’s spot on the list for long enough, and perhaps should make way for the Sumatran tiger . . . that’s a perfectly legitimate nomination.

Of course, you may nominate an animal from any Class of animals, be it a mammal, bird, reptile, amphibian, insect, crustacean, or mollusk.

Lastly, one piece of research you should always do before making a nomination is to visit the IUCN List Of Threatened Species in order to verify your species’ conservation status, and any other facts that the IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature) has available on it. We will only consider species that are categorized as either Critically Endangered or Endangered on the IUCN Red List.

That’s about it. Have fun—and we look forward to talking to you on the All About Wildlife Facebook page!

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