A Cross River Gorilla From The West African Rain Forest. Photo:Arenddehaas

Rain Forest Animals

Most people know that rain forests are rich in animal life. A question that is commonly asked of us here at is, which animals live in rainforests? The answer, of course, depends on which rain forest you’re talking about, since rain forests around the world are separated by thousands of miles, and each rain forest has its own unique set of animal species.

However, because there are many similarities among rainforest environments, there are also similarities among many of the kinds of animals that live in them, even if the individual rainforest species themselves are not closely related to their counterparts in another rain forest. For instance, most rain forests are home to crocodilians, parrots, primates, and snakes, as well as a few predatory cat species at the top of the food chain. For more information, lists of animals from different rain forests are available here.

You may also be aware that rain forests around the world are being cut down at a rapid rate, and that many animals in rainforest environments are listed as Endangered or Threatened by international wildlife conservationists. Just as there are many types of rainforest animals, there are also many types of endangered rainforest animals.

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