• Newborn of Turtle New Animal Species

    New Animal Species

    We have updated our list of newly discovered animal species in order to add a number of new species either discovered or reported on for the first time since the…

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  • Colorful Bird Houses How to Build Bird Houses

    How to Build Bird Houses

    Instructions for building nesting boxes for the following bird species Birds of Prey: Kestrels / Screech Owls Bluebirds / Second Option Brown Creepers Chickadees: Chestnut-backed and Siberian Chickadees … Black-capped Chickadees,…

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  • Mynas Perched on the Stone


    The mynas (or mynahs) are birds of the starling family (Sturnidae). Mynah birds are a group of passerine birds that occur naturally only in southern and eastern Asia.

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  • Prothonotary Warblers Nesting Box on a Tree

    Prothonotary Warblers Nesting Box

    Prothonotary Warbler use the below nest box. Suitable Nestbox Size: ~ 6 inches tall. No perches at the entrance holes as they would aid predators. Floor Dimensions: at least 5″…

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  • Red and Yellow Bird Houses Bird Houses & Nesting Box

    Bird Houses & Nesting Box

    Suitable Nestbox Size: ~ 9 – 10 ” inches high x 6.5 wide x 7″ deep. Mount about 4 to 6 feet high on a metal pole. No perches at…

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  • Softbills Food

    Softbill feed mainly on fruits and to a lesser extent on leaves, buds, and flowers, occasionally taking small insects, snails and slugs. In captivity, the following diet is recommended: A…

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  • Purple Martin Gourds Rack in Front of a Blue Sky

    Purple Martin Gourds

    How to Turn a Gourd into a Bird House for the Purple Martin (or other birds): Choose a gourd that is 8″ – 14″ in diameter with a skin that…

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