Animal Behavior

  • Great White Shark Underwater. The Most Dangerous Shark

    The Most Dangerous Shark

    There are at least ten species of sharks that will occasionally bite, and even kill, humans who enter their habitat. By far, however, the species responsible for the most attacks,…

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  • Using Chimps as Guinea Pigs on the Grass

    Using Chimps as Guinea Pigs

    Great apes—chimpanzees, gorillas and orangutans—will soon become exempt from medical research in the United States, if a U.S. congressman from Maryland gets his way. Republican Rep. Roscoe Bartlett recently introduced…

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  • Facts on Orangutans.

    Facts on Orangutans

    The orangutan is a large, red-hair ape which, among apes, is second in size only to the gorilla, with large males weighing as much as 114 kilograms, or 250 pounds.…

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  • Group of Turtle on the Ground Tortoise Helping a Buddy

    Tortoise Helping a Buddy?

    We found this video on another nature website, and the person who posted it seemed to be claiming that it represented an example of altruism in a reptile species. An…

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  • Moonlight Monkeys Resting on a Tree

    Moonlight Monkeys

    The ‘night monkeys’ of Central and South America are unique among anthropoids, which are the most highly evolved groups of primates, and include monkeys, apes and humans. As their name…

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  • Cobra vs. Indian Mongoose Inside the Glass

    Cobra vs. Indian Mongoose

    At the end of this video, the narrator says, “Rudyard Kipling would be proud.” Kipling was a British author who, in the late 1800’s wrote many stories about India’s people…

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  • Closeup Image of Octopus Tool Use In Animals

    Tool Use In Animals

    It used to be that we humans believed tool use was one of the main things that separated us from the rest of the animals. Then the famed chimpanzee researcher…

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