Animal Behavior

  • Great White Shark Underwater. The Most Dangerous Shark

    The Most Dangerous Shark

    The Great White Shark Is The World’s Most Dangerous Species of Shark There are at least ten species of sharks that will occasionally bite, and even kill, humans who enter…

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  • Using Chimps as Guinea Pigs on the Grass

    Using Chimps as Guinea Pigs

    Using Chimps as Guinea Pigs Should We Be Using Endangered Chimpanzees As Medical-Research Subjects? Great apes—chimpanzees, gorillas and orangutans—will soon become exempt from medical research in the United States, if…

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  • Group of Turtle on the Ground Tortoise Helping a Buddy

    Tortoise Helping a Buddy?

    Tortoise Helping a Buddy? What’s Really Happening In This Video? We found this video on another nature website, and the person who posted it seemed to be claiming that it…

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  • Moonlight Monkeys Resting on a Tree

    Moonlight Monkeys

    Moonlight Monkeys The ‘night monkeys’ of Central and South America are unique among anthropoids, which are the most highly evolved groups of primates, and include monkeys, apes and humans. As…

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  • Closeup Image of Octopus Tool Use In Animals

    Tool Use In Animals

    Tool Use In Animals: Octopus Carries And Uses Coconut-Shell “Armor;” Critically Endangered Gorillas Launch “Weapons” At People It used to be that we humans believed tool use was one of…

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  • Bats and Windmills, Birds Flying Near The Windmills

    Can Bats and Windmills Coexist?

    Today in Wildlife News & Wild Animal Facts All energy comes at a price, including every form of alternative energy–even when that energy is supplied by something as free as…

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