• BirdsBlack-throated Munias Perched on Wire Steel

    Black-throated Munias

    The Black-throated Munias or Jerdon’s Mannikin (Lonchura kelaarti) is a small passerine bird. This estrildid finch is a resident breeding bird in the hills of southwest India, the Eastern Ghats…

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  • BirdsBlack-headed Munias Perching on a Grass

    Black-headed Munias

    The Black-headed Munias, Lonchura atricapilla, is also known as Chestnut Muni. Chestnut Mannikin, Black-headed Nun, Black-headed Mannikin, Southern Black-headed Munia or “Black Hooded Nun”. It was formerly considered a subspecies…

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  • BirdsThree Scaly-breasted Munias on a Tree Branch


    The Munias, Mannikins and Silverbills (Genus: Lonchura) are finches that occur in the Old World tropics. The most variety can be found in open habitats in southern Asia from India…

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  • BirdsTricolored Munias on the Soil

    Tricolored Munias

    The Tricolored Munias (Lonchura malacca) are finches found in India and Sri Lanka. They were also introduced to Australia, Cuba, Hispaniola, Jamaica, Japan, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Hawaii and Venezuela. Habitat They…

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  • BirdsWhite-rumped Munias Sitting On A Twig

    White-rumped Munias

    The White-rumped Munia (Lonchura striata) are tiny gregarious estrildid finches are related to the domesticated Society (Bengalese) finch, which is similar in appearance, but the white-rumped mannikins are smaller than…

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  • BirdsSpotted Munias Perched on the Plants

    Spotted Munias

    The Scaly-breasted Munias (Lonchura punctulata) are also known as Spotted Munias or Nutmeg Mannikins. In captivity, these popular aviary birds are more commonly referred to as “Spice Finches.” Distribution /…

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  • BirdsPair of Indian Silverbills Perched on a Tree

    Indian Silverbills

    The Indian Silverbills or White-throated Munia (Lonchura malabarica) is a small passerine bird formerly considered conspecific (of, or belonging to, the same species) with the closely related African Silverbill, Lonchura…

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