New Species

  • Newborn of Turtle New Animal Species

    New Animal Species

    We have updated our list of newly discovered animal species in order to add a number of new species either discovered or reported on for the first time since the…

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  • World's Smallest Chameleon in the Tip of Finger

    World’s Smallest Chameleon

    Scientists who explored tiny islands and other areas in northern Madagascar are reporting the discovery of four new species of dwarf chameleon, one of which approaches, or may even break,…

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  • Money Sitting on a Woods. New Monkey Discovered

    New Monkey Discovered

    Although the Burmese snub-nosed monkey was unknown to science until an expedition turned up conclusive evidence earlier this year, local hunters in the remote and mountainous area of Burma where…

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  • Archaeological Digging Site. Newly Discovered Animal Species

    Newly Discovered Animal Species

    The conceit that the natural world has already been fully explored is nothing but an illusion. In fact, science is constantly discovering new species of animals in environments ranging from…

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