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Welcome to All About Wildlife. Launched in 2009, All About Wildlife and its sister website, What Eats?—The Food Web Website for Kids (whateats.com) currently serve as educational resources for well over 100,000 people per month. Our visitors are wildlife lovers of all ages, including many students, and they come to us from every country on earth, with the majority living in the U.S., the U.K., Canada, Australia, and western Europe.Our websites are edited and published by Paul Guernsey, a lifelong wildlife and outdoors writer, book author, magazine editor, and environmental educator who is based in the wildlife-rich U.S. state of Maine. In his long career, our editor has written about all types of wild birds and animals, from hyacinth macaws to grizzly bears and, in search of wildlife stories, has traveled to such diverse places as Kenya, Alaska, Venezuela, the Peruvian Amazon, Russia’s remote Kamchatka Peninsula, New Zealand, and the English countryside.

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Paul Guernsey–Editor & Publisher

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