• Monkey Sitting on a Pole Power Lines Threaten Monkeys

    Power Lines Threaten Monkeys

    The populations of all species of monkeys in the Central American nation of Costa Rica fell by 50% between 1995 and 2007, according to wildlife biologists working in that country.…

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  • Western Lowland Gorilla

    Western Lowland Gorilla

    There are two lowland gorillas native to West Africa: the western lowland gorilla (Gorilla gorilla), which is the most numerous of the four gorilla subspecies, with over 90,000 individuals in…

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  • Facts on Chimpanzees Resting

    Facts on Chimpanzees

    Chimps are not monkeys; they are apes, a group of advanced primates that also includes gorillas, orangutans, and gibbons. Scientists still have not decided whether bonobos constitute a distinct fifth…

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  • Facts on Orangutans.

    Facts on Orangutans

    The orangutan is a large, red-hair ape which, among apes, is second in size only to the gorilla, with large males weighing as much as 114 kilograms, or 250 pounds.…

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  • Facts on Gorillas Close Up Image

    Facts on Gorillas

    Gorillas are the largest of the world’s ape species, and they are found only in central and western Africa. This page is a summary of our facts on gorillas; follow…

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  • Rainforest Monkeys on the Tree Resting

    Rainforest Monkeys

    Most monkeys are rainforest monkeys. Of the approximately 260 monkey species in the world, the vast majority live in rain forests, with the remainder living in other types of tropical…

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  • Facts On Monkeys, Three Monkeys Sitting Together

    Facts On Monkeys

    Facts About Monkeys There are two main types of monkeys: the Amazon rainforest monkeys and other monkeys of the Central and South American tropics, and the Old World monkeys of…

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