Pet Birds

  • Close up Image of Blue-naped Mousebirds

    Blue-naped Mousebirds

    Blue-naped Mousebirds (Urocolius macrourus) – formerly also known as Blue-naped Colies (Colius macrourus) – are members of the African mousebird family. This family was named for their soft fluffy, mousy…

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  • Fiery-billed Aracaris on Branch

    Fiery-billed Aracaris

    The Fiery-billed Aracaris, Pteroglossus frantzii, are Central American toucans that occur naturally only on the Pacific slopes of southern Costa Rica and western Panama. Small flocks, typically consisting of up…

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  • House Wrens Nesting Box on a Fence

    House Wrens Nesting Box

    The following nest box may be used by any one of the below cavity-nesting birds: House Wrens Bewick’s Wrens Winter Wrens Brown Creepers Chickadees Titmice and Nuthatches Suitable Nestbox Size:…

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  • Saffron Toucanets on a Tree Branch


    Toucanets are small and relatively short-billed toucans that belong to the toucan family, Ramphastidae. They are distantly related to woodpeckers. They occur naturally in the tropical rain forests of Latin…

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  • Close up of Aracaris


    The aracaris (or araçaris – genus Pteroglossus) are medium-sized Toucans that are brightly plumaged and sport large colorful beaks. The aracaris inhabit the warm rainforests of Central or South America…

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  • Breeding Turacos

    Keeping & Breeding Touracos / Turacos   Information and Photos by David Jones, UK Breeder and Turaco Expert – Website: Setting up and Breeding Turacos: The best turaco species…

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  • Red-headed Parrotfinches on the Ground

    Red-headed Parrotfinches

    The Red-headed Parrotfinches Erythrura cyaneovirens efatensis, is a common finch found in New Caledonia, Samoan Islands. It also relatively common on Efate, also known as Île Vate – an island in the…

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