by Editor on August 31, 2010

Dolphin Slaughter Continues In Taiji, Japan

Despite the worldwide publicity garnered by Ric O’Barry’s Academy Award-winning documentary film, “The Cove,” Japanese fisherman continue slaughtering dolphins in the City of Taiji. So O’Barry and his crew have been back undercover as well as back behind the camera, and the results of their relentless exposure of the Cove’s horrors will be airing soon on Animal Planet.

When The Journalists Moved On, The Killing Of Bottlenose Dolphins & Pilot Whales Resumed

It should have been predictable, given the the world’s short attention span: The release a year ago of Ric O’Barry’s documentary movie, The Cove, sparked international outrage over the methodical killing of dolphins the film depicted. Journalists swarmed the fishing town of Taiji, where the slaughter was taking place, the Japanese suspended their dolphin-killing activities in response, and The Cove won an Oscar for Best Documentary.

Then, the reporters moved on to other things—and as soon as things were quiet, Taiji’s dolphin hunters went back to business as usual.

Fortunately for the dolphins, they have a stubborn friend in O’Barry. Determined to keep the pressure on, O’Barry has been back in Japan with his film crew, which now includes his son, Lincoln. He’s got new visual documentation of Taiji’s sins against sea mammals, and once again, he’s ready to show them to the world via Animal Planet.

Click here to visit the web page that showcases O’Barry’s latest investigative work and to find out how you can see his new footage in its entirety.

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