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Thousands Of Koalas Reported Missing

Thousands Of Koalas Reported " Missing" By Conservationists

The Australian Koala Foundation reports that thousands of koalas are “missing” from the country’s eucalyptus forests. Koalas face various problems including habitat loss, and conservationists want the government to take action by listing the winsome marsupial as a vulnerable species.

Thousands of Koalas Reported Missing
Thousands of Koalas Reported Missing

Where Have All The Koala Bears Gone?

Australian conservationists concerned over the plight of the koala bear report that populations of the animal are between 20 per cent and 50 per cent lower than previous estimates. Scientists who surveyed koalas and koala habitat for the Australian Koala Foundation recently concluded that no more than 80,000 koalas remain in the wild in Australia and that the total population may number as few as 48,000.

Before the release of the Foundation’s figures last week, koalas were thought to number around 100,000 in the wild. The Foundation now wants the Australian government to declare the koala a “Vulnerable” species, a move which would cover the creatures with a stronger set of legal protections than they currently enjoy.

According to the Foundation, the animal has suffered extensive habitat loss as the eucalyptus forests it depends on for survival are cut down to make room for houses, roads and agriculture. But the koala—which along with the kangaroo stands as an international symbol for Australia—faces a host of other problems as well. For instance, the Foundation says 4,000 koalas a year are killed by cars and dogs. Others fall victim to wildfires and disease.

Two Koalas Hugging in the Tree
Two Koalas Hugging in the Tree

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