White-necked Mynas

White-necked Mynas (Streptocitta albicollis)

The White-necked Mynas (Streptocitta albicollis) is a large, long-tailed starling that is endemic to the forests on Sulawesi and adjacent smaller islands in Indonesia. As it resembles a magpie, it is at times referred to as Celebes Magpie or Sulawesi Magpie.

White-necked Mynas Perched on Branch
White-necked Mynas Perched on Branch

There are two subspecies:

    • Streptocitta albicollis (nominate form)
      • Range: Southern part of SulawesiID: Has a yellow-tipped bill
  • Streptocitta albicollis torquata (sub-species)
    • Range: Northern part of the island
    • ID: Has an all-black bill


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