by Editor on January 11, 2016

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Our Top 10 Most Endangered Animals

In each of the previous years that we at AAW have published our selected list of the world’s 10 most endangered animal species, we’ve invariably made a few changes, switching out one or two creatures for another couple of imperiled birds or animals. This was never because the bird or animal being removed was in any less danger of going extinct or any less deserving of attention than the endangered species we were replacing it with; the switch was always made merely to give our readers the opportunity to learn about a different animal in need of human action to prevent it from vanishing off the face of the earth.

In fact, the important thing to keep in mind is that there currently are thousands of birds and animals that may not be with us in a couple of decades. The many threats facing them include habitat loss—in many cases due to the rapid destruction of the world’s rain forests—as well as illegal hunting (which has increased astronomically in recent years), and global climate change, which is having a great effect even on wildlife habitat this is not being directly destroyed by humans.

So as we’ve said many times previously on this site, a top 10 endangered species list is just a list, and a ten most endangered animals list put together by one organization or publication is likely to be very different—an no more right or wrong—that a roster of endangered creatures assembled by a different organization or publication. We create our annual list solely for the enjoyment and illumination of our readers, and we hope that you, as a reader, view this top 10 list of endangered animals as a starting point, rather than any kind of final word, in your explorations of the world’s precious and dwindling wildlife.

To view the most endangered list, click the link in the first paragraph. Those of you who’ve seen it in previous years may note that for once, we’ve decided to stand pat. That is, our 2016 endangered species list is contains the same lineup of critically threatened animals that we offered in 2015.

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