Are Bottlenose Dolphins Endangered? Photo:NASA
Are Bottlenose Dolphins Endangered? Photo:NASA

The Bottlenose Dolphin’s Endangered Species Status

Are bottlenose dolphins endangered?

Fortunately, as a species the bottlenose dolphin is not endangered. There are well over half a million bottlenose dolphins swimming all over the world, and their population numbers seem stable, at least for the time being.

However, they do face some threats as a species, and if you ask the question “Are bottlenose dolphins endangered?” 20 years from now, the answer might well be different. For example, people take more and more fish out of the ocean with each passing year, and there is evidence that fish-eating sea mammals such as dolphins may eventually be affected by human competition for their food resources. In addition, toxic chemicals that humans have put into the oceans are accumulating in the bodies of dolphins and other animals. In time, these toxins may affect the dolphins’ health or ability to reproduce.

Other threats to bottlenose and other species of dolphins include hunting by humans—dolphins are considered as food in some countries in spite of the the heavy load of chemicals in their meat—and the danger of getting entangled in fishing gear and drowning.

But for now, the answer to, “Are bottlenose dolphins endangered?” is NO!

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