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New York State Has It’s Own List Of Endangered Species Of Animals

Like all states, New York is home to many species of animals that are protected under the U.S. Endangered Species Act (ESA). Also like other states, New York maintains its own list of Endangered and Threatened species, and species of Special Concern. Species are classified as Endangered, Threatened, or of Special Concern based on how quickly they are disappearing. The most critical classification is that of Endangered.

A total of 145 animals are protected under New York State law, including 53 Endangered species, 37 Threatened species, and 55 species of Special Concern.

Of the 53 officially Endangered species, there are 10 mammals, 10 bird species, 5 reptiles, 2 amphibian species, 8 fishes, 10 insects, and 6 mollusk species.

The 37 Threatened species include 1 mammal, 10 birds, 5 reptile species, 11 fishes, 5 insect species, and 5 mollusks. There are no amphibians listed as Theatened.

Species of Special Concern in New York State include 3 mammals, 19 bird species, 6 reptiles, 7 amphibians, 5 fish species, 15 insects, and 3 mollusk species.

Mammals on New York’s list of Endangered species include the Allegheny woodrat and the Indiana bat—which is also listed as Endangered under the federal Endangered Species Act (ESA). Six whale species are also listed as Endangered in New York, including the blue whale, the sperm whale and the right whale. Two species on the list—the gray wolf and the cougar—are no longer found in New York State, having been extirpated, or rendered regionally extinct, decades ago.

Endangered birds in New York State include the piping plover, the short-eared owl, the black tern, and the loggerhead shrike.

The state’s Endangered reptile species are the mud turtle, the bog turtle, and three sea turtles: The Atlantic hawksbill, the Atlantic Ridley, and the leatherback.

Only two amphibian species are listed as Endangered in New York: The tiger salamander and the northern cricket frog.

The state’s Endangered fishes include the shortnose sturgeon, the silver chub, the pugnose shiner, the round whitefish, and the bluebreast darter.

New York State Endangered insect species include the Tomah mayfly, the Karner blue butterfly, and the bog buckmoth.

Endangered mollusks in New York include the rayed bean, the fat pocketbook, and the pink mucket.

A listing as Endangered, Threatened, or of Special Concern protects a species and its habitat by legally restricting human activities that might push the species further toward extinction.

The full list of New York State’s Endangered and Threatened species, and species of Special Concern, is available here.

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