Parrotfinch Species

Parrotfinch Species

There are 10-12 species of parrotfinches. The Gouldian Finch (Chloebia gouldiae or Erythrura gouldiae) is also often included in this genus.

In a published study dated 1995, parrotfinches have been classified in two different groups, namely the “Malaysian” and the “Melanesian” parrot finches.

Parrotfinch Species on a Branch
Parrotfinch Species on a Branch

Group 1 – the “Malaysian” parrot finches.

This group includes:

Tawny-breasted Parrotfinch aka Green-tailed Parrotfinch or Bamboo Parrot Finch, Erythrura hyperythra

  • Description: Males have a cobalt blue forehead and forecrown. The face, throat, median areas of underparts and under tail coverts are dark reddish buff-brown. The eyes are brown and the beak is back. The legs and feet are flesh colored. The plumage of the female is overall less vivid.
  • Range: Common in Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines

Pin-tailed Parrotfinch Erythrura prasina (featured above)

  • Description: These finches are green with blue heads and two different color phases:
    • A red breast and the less common yellow breast.
  • Range: Common in Malaysia, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Burma, and Thailand and most of Southeast Asia where they are sometimes viewed as a pest due to the damage they do to rice crops.
  • Breednig: Females use grass, coconut husks, and moss to build nests high up in the trees to lay 3-6 eggs.

Green-faced Parrotfinch aka Manila Parrot Finch, Erythrura viridifacies

  • Found in northern Philippines, around Luzon, Negros and Panay
Tricolored Parrotfinch on  the Branch
Tricolored Parrotfinch on the Branch

Group 2 – the “Melanesian” parrotfinches.

This group is sub-divided as shown:

Blue-headed species

Tricolored Parrotfinch or Forbes Parrotfinch, Erythrura tricolor

  • Found in Indonesia and Timor-Leste

Papuan Parrotfinch, Erythrura papuana

  • Common in Indonesia’s Papua province and Papua New Guinea

Red-eared Parrotfinch or Coloria Parrotfinch, Erythrura coloria

  • Endemic to Mindanao in the Philippines

Blue-faced Parrotfinch, Erythrura trichroa

  • Locally common in north-eastern Australia, Japan, Indonesia, Federated States of Micronesia, New Caledonia, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu. They have also been introduced into France.


Red-headed species

Red-throated Parrotfinch, Erythrura psittacea

  • Found in New Caledonia

Samoa Parrotfich or Pink-billed Parrotfinch aka Red-Headed Parrot Finch, Red-Headed Parrot-Finch, Red-Headed Parrotfinch, Erythrura cyaneovirens cyaneovirens. (nominate species)

  • Found in island of Viti Levu, Fiji.

, Erythrura cyaneovirens regia

  • Endemic to Vanuatu.
Blue-faced Parrotfinch  on the Branch
Blue-faced Parrotfinch on the Branch

Seed-eating Royal Parrotfinch aka Red-headed Parrotfinch, Erythrura cyaneovirens serena

  • Description: Red head; the back and abdomen are green.
  • Range: Aneitemn Island, New Hebrides

Red-headed Parrotfinch (no other name known), Erythrura cyaneovirens efatensis

  • Found in New Caledonia, Samoan Islands and common on Efate, also known as Île Vate – an island in the Republic of Vanuatu (Shefa Province)

Red-headed Parrotfinch, Erythrura cyaneovirens gaughrani

  • Endemic to Western Samoa

Peale Parrot Finch or Fiji Parrotfinch, Erythrura cyaneovirens peali

  • Common Fiji Bird (featured below)

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