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What Eats A Bottlenose Dolphin?

What Predators Will Eat A Bottlenose Dolphin? What Eats Dolphins Of Any Kind?

What eats a bottlenose dolphin, or preys on members of any dolphin species? Actually, the dolphin is usually one of the top, or apex predators in its ocean environment, and full-grown dolphins have little to fear from other marine creatures.

Man Feeding the Bottlenose Dolphin. What Eats A Bottlenose Dolphin?
Man Feeding the Bottlenose Dolphin. What Eats A Bottlenose Dolphin?

Nonetheless, “Nothing” is not the correct answer to the question of “What eats a bottlenose dolphin?” Certain of the larger and more aggressive shark species—great white sharks, tiger sharks and bull sharks, for example—will sometimes prey on young dolphins. In fact, dolphins consider sharks to be a natural enemy, and will often attack them, ramming them in the gills with their snouts in an attempt to injure or kill them.

And the killer whale or orca—which is itself a dolphin species—is another answer to the “What eats a dolphin?” question, although this seems to happen only infrequently.

But “human beings” are the primary answer to “What eats bottlenose dolphins?” That’s right; we are the dolphin’s chief predator.
In many countries, and especially in Japan, thousands of bottlenose dolphins each year are herded close to shore, slaughtered, and butchered for their meat.

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