White-throated Flowerpeckers

White-throated Flowerpeckers (Dicaeum vincens)

The White-throated Flowerpeckers or Legge’s Flowerpeckers (Dicaeum vincens) are endemic to Sri Lanka. They occur in forests and other well-wooded habitats, including gardens.

These very small, stout flowerpeckers average 10cm in length, including the short tail.

The bill is short, thick, and curved. The tongue is tubular (tube-shaped), which facilitates collecting nectar, which makes up most of its diet. They also eat berries, spiders, and insects.

The male White-throated Flowerpecker has a blue-black back, a white throat and an upper chest. The lower and abdomen are yellow.

The female has a duller plumage and olive-green back.

The average clutch consists of two eggs laid in a purse-like nest that is suspended from trees.


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