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Red-headed Parrotfinches

Red-headed Parrotfinches (Erythrura cyaneovirens efatensis)

The Red-headed Parrotfinches Erythrura cyaneovirens efatensis, is a common finch found in New Caledonia, Samoan Islands. It also relatively common on Efate, also known as Île Vate – an island in the Republic of Vanuatu (Shefa Province). It inhabits subtropical/ tropical lowland moist forest.

Red-headed Parrotfinches on the Ground
Red-headed Parrotfinches on the Ground


The back is green. The head is red.

Call / Vocalization:

They have a high, thin voice and trilling song.

Personality / Behavior:

These finches love water. One can frequently see them jump in and out of their bathing dishes. Bathing will take place a couple of times a day, summer or winter – and are an important part of their daily grooming.

Another characteristic of the parrotfinches is their almost semi-nocturnal nature. They are always last to roost at night, and can be seen still on the food station or darting around the aviary after dark. They are also the first to stir in the morning.

Close-up of a Red-headed Parrotfinch
Close-up of a Red-headed Parrotfinch


In their natural habitat breeding season starts in September with the building of a big nest of grasseshigh in the trees. In captivity the breeding season will be dictated by the climate and length of the days.

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